Problems drilling holes in cribbage board

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Problems drilling holes in cribbage board

Postautor: ToniFranklin 30 maja 2018, 11:48


I designed a cribbage board and made it on my new CNC router today. It was my first complete project so I was pretty nervous. I set it up to peck the holes to a depth of 3/8" and since the peck depth of the bit showed as .125, I assumed it would make 3 passes per hole. When it did the drilling, it drilled each hole only once and although I did not measure, I believe it was less then 3/8" since the pegs bottom out in the hole. Am I missing something? Also, I created a border around the lanes of the cribbage board which was to be cut with a V bit set at a depth of cut of .03". When it cut this border, it looks to be about 1/8" or more deep, thus making this border cut way too wide. The board is usable but any ideas why it cut it so much deeper than I had planned?

Please help.

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