The receiver position is one of the most celebrated

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The receiver position is one of the most celebrated

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Receivers are often ladled as prima donnas and usually have the personality to go along with the claim. However , regardless of what their reputation carries over a talented receiver will be met with praise if he performs. These kinds of players are most alienated by media when their play dips and they lose their validation among their peers. Regardless of how they play, their actions will always be waiting in the forefront of people’s minds. This is a lesson that Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham has learned the hard way, and one some would argue the young pass catcher has still not entirely aware of.Over his first three years in the NFL, Beckham has polarized fans and analysts with his explosive play and tendency to pull off the seemingly impossible. He is a generational talent that has set records in his short career , and only looks to improve as he ages. However if there’s one thing that he struggles with it’s the mental aspect of the game. Beckham has had a number of on field blow ups and it’s made him a target, sometimes justifiably as his actions have been questionable. These are 15 people who don’t like Odell Beckham. he National Football League (NFL) is a strange league in that rookies at prime positions can make a drastic impact. For instance, Leonard Fournette was one of the league's most effective running backs last season and Saquon Barkley is expected to be just as effective in his first season with the New York Giants. The league is increasingly becoming younger and teams and adapting. Players don't want to play the dangerous sport for as long and are also becoming less effective into their early 30s due to the physical nature of football. As a result, teams seem more willing to take chances on players via trade and free agent signings and , at the same time, more eager to cut ties with a player if he isn't performing up to expectation early in his career, although part of that can be owed to the absence of guaranteed contracts in the league.Every league has its fair share of teams that have made regrettable trades or signings but, because of the changing nature of the league , the NFL has been more prone to ridiculous transactions in recent memory. Not saying that this list was 100 percent inspired by the Khalil Mack trade, but it's not hard to guess as to where that transaction ends up on the list. But that's just one of 20 recent moves teams are already wishing they hadn't made in the past year or so. Not surprisingly, the Browns and Bills show up more than once on the list, but even successful teams like the Patriots and Rams aren't immune from bad decisions.

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