Any interesting things happen at your school this year?

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Any interesting things happen at your school this year?

Postautor: breckjensen 01 lis 2017, 10:41

Since I go to a new school now, it's so boring. There's no fights at all. I hate it. My old school had fights at least like once a week.

But 2 semi-interesting things have happened so far at this school.

1. Fight between a student and teacher.
Basically what happened was, I was walking in the hallway to get to my next class when I see the cafeteria door suddenly open and a student walks out really angry. A teacher is following him and once he catches up, he pushes the student against the nearest wall. The student (who is my role model at the moment, lol) starts screaming at the teacher to let him go. The teacher yells at the poor guy and finally let's him go but keeps yelling. Student tries to get away, teacher catches him by the arm, then finally the student says "DON'T FUCKING TOUCH ME, I'M NOT YOUR GOD DAMN CHILD!". felt SO good when he said that. He probably got expelled though.

2. Graffiti of an enormous penis on the outside of the school (on the wall) and it was actually named with giant letters "COCK". I never got to see it, but everyone was talking about it. Some fun-ruiner adult removed it though so it's not there anymore. DAMN, I wanted to see it so bad.

So, what has happened at your school?

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