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Anyone can help me to reinstate Seller Account

: 08 lis 2017, 8:42
autor: breckjensen

We have reviewed the information you have provided but unfortunately you have not yet sufficiently addressed the root cause of the complaints on your account.

We still need more information about your plan to address "Inauthentic Item" and "Item Brand Not as Advertised in Product Detail Page" complaints.

Please respond with a more detailed plan of action outlining the proactive steps you have taken to resolve these issues. Whilst we do appreciate efforts made to resolve specific issues with orders, all remedies you are proposing should prevent future complaints and be relevant to the issues on an account-level. If your plan of action includes implementing or updating processes, please provide specific details regarding this.

We encourage you to review your buyer-seller communications, feedback, claims and returns to identify any potential root causes for why complaints may be occurring.

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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